Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Work

Hybrids of old and contemporary domestic photographs investigating family and cultural ideals of American living. Creating fictional hybrids I am questioning personal and collective memories linking with idealism of suburbia and family.
36x36 acrylic on canvas
66x47 acrylic on canvas

66x47 acrylic on canvas

66x47 acrylic on canvas

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Autobiographical Memories

East German artist Wiebke Loeper's piece MOLL 31 (1995), she recalls her family living in Plattenbaus, buildings of the former GDR. She juxtaposed family photos taken by her father in the 1970s with her own photographs of the same places in present day. Loeper growing up in a country that no longer exists and the places and scenes of her childhood dissapeared, questions if the ideals and values of that time have disapeared also.
 Loeper's work begins to question how far and removed can things reproduce a new memory?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lehrer, How Friends Ruin Memory:The Social Conformity Affect

Interesting article about the fiction of memories by Jonah Lehrer

New Work

Acrylic on Canvas 66x47
Acrylic on Canvas 66x47
Acrylic on Canvas 36x36

Acrylic on Canvas 40x30

Suburban home life : tracking the American Dream

Whitney Museum 1989 Show Suburban Home Life: Tracking the American Dream

A list of artists in exhibition all examining different aspects of suburbia.
I found Eric Fischl's work most intriguing with psychological aspects that come within the nuclear family unit of suburbia.
Diane Arbus
Dan Graham
Jeff Koons
Bill Owens
Laurie Simmons

Some New Readings

By Barbara Steiner and Jun Yang

 Artists exploring the autobiography and self-representation from media, social systems, and ethical ideals on self-identity. Artists creating stories of self-representation. I especially found interesting was Boltanski's 1970s fabricated narrative work. Jun Yang's hybrids of his childhood memories of mental and media images that influenced his identity.